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I’m co-founder and CEO of Clover Network, Inc. (a First Data Company) during the day, a startup investor and advisor on the side, and a husband and dad to three delightful little kids around the clock.

Clover builds tools to help small-and-medium businesses run efficiently and grow sustainably. To achieve this mission we’ve built an open payments and commerce platform, including built-for-purpose payments and point-of-sale hardware, industry-specific POS software, APIs and a plug-in architecture to enable new things to be done with the platform, and an App Market. We also partner with best-in-class, like-minded companies like Gusto, Yelp, Nav, and many others with deep product integrations.

On the side, I enjoy advising and investing in startups. My wife is a business-oriented scientist in biotech and we look at investments in the intersection of biotech and software. Typical investments are in the $50K-$250K range. Email me (or get an introduction through a mutual association) if you think I’d be a good fit for your startup.

My intellectual interests are probably best observed from my reading list. I have a long list of hobby projects that I’d love to undertake at some point – maybe one of my friends or colleagues will see the list like to collaborate [TODO: link to hobby]. I also think there’s been a number of market failures that I find unfortunate and would love to try to find a way to fix. [TODO: link to market failures].

The most important part of my life is my family. I’m a dedicated husband to Han Li and father of three. Nothing brings me greater joy or fulfillment.

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